Love Free or Die

Gene Robinson wants more in the name of love, so much so that he would rather Love Free or Die. This award-winning documentary debuted at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and tells the courageous story of Robinson, who in 2003 was the first openly gay (and partnered) Bishop elected by the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire. Check out the official trailer here:

Gene never set out to be the “poster boy” for gay rights in the church. However, his election pushed him into the spotlight as he refused to choose between his undying faith and the man with whom he unselfishly shares his life, even when his own life has been threatened. Through Gene, the viewer’s eyes are widely opened to those in the LGBT community who live every day without the equal rights others take for granted. He challenges his audiences to take a stand and do something to bring dignity and equality to all people. The film documents his gallant fight for Bishops in his church to be allowed to serve openly and for LGBT people to marry freely in their church. One of the most disturbing issues the film brings to light is how the church has perpetuated fear, isolation and homophobia amongst God-fearing congregations, causing members of the LGBT community to have to choose between their faith and living openly.

Overall, this film is interesting, informative and brilliantly done. Viewers will find Gene to be engaging, courageous, intelligent and lovable even in the face of adversity. This film is a must-see for everyone, whether faith and religion play a part in your life or not; civil rights and equality are everyone’s fight, and if they are not, they should be. What would you do? What would Jesus do? There is only one answer: love freely and without fear. Listen to Gene’s thoughts on these issues and his inspiring message for the It Gets Better Project here.

>Love Free or Die is available for rental on Xfinity OnDemand and will be available for purchase at beginning April 9th.

- Lindsay Sementelli

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